“Lady Raven”

The Lady Raven was actually an old woman that traveled to Exile in hopes of starting a new life even in her old age on the frontier of Compass. After the mass exodus of Exile because of the vlux, Lady Raven had disappeared somewhere along the road in their travels. Many believed her to have been eaten by wild animals or she just went off to die in her old age. Maurie Kalax adopted the name and the persona making many people believe that she was the original Lady Raven.

Maurie Kalax is a woman that reflects the hardships, trials, and tribulations of the women in my life. Wether it be one of my sisters that inspired wisdom when sometimes they weren’t even trying to in the first place, or just a female friend having a hard time, each experience added to the character. Maurie goes through some hard times with her father that ends up scarring Maurie for the rest of her life; until Dexioni gifts Maurie with new skin and reverts her aging so that she and her love Fox Ulton could be together again. Maurie’s character is later replaced by Valronia.


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