“John Kalax”

John Kalax is the ulitmate evil for my books. Not only does he manipulate the world of darkness in my stories, but is actually responsible for much of the corruption in the lighter side of the tale. John Kalax is the mad scientist side of me that expresses evil and evil intent to new degrees. I always like to tease about other villains I read about and joke with statements like “He would be crushed by Kalax”.

John Kalax was a world reknown anthropologist that started to study some ancient ruins off the coast of Madagascar. Little was he aware that he found a doorway to other worlds, not just Compass. When he activated the portal he was transported to a planet named Valronia, but in the very distant past. Kalax quickly lost his way to power, and as soon as he discovered how to overcome death he became a tyrant. Though Kalax seems to get stronger with each attempt to cheat death, I try to use the fact that he is trying to cheat death against him in the storyline. Though he has come close to meeting his demise many times, Kalax always seems to come back for revenge, or at least to cause enough havok to start a war.

John Kalax represents the evils in our world, in our lives, or sometimes just the things that make life harder. I like to put him in this position in hopes to inspire others to overcome their challenges in life, no matter how dark and dismal it may seem. John Kalax is defeated multiple times through out my stories, as should anything holding you back in the story of your life. Keep moving forward, hopefully it will be better soon.


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