“The Vlux”

Take every scary animal you ever encountered in your life and then throw it into a sand swimming canine and you have the vlux. When I was younger I used to have very bad nightmares about a wolf chasing me down a path in the woods. For years I struggled with trying to goto sleep because I was frightened by this wolf. When I think of the vlux I think of that wolf and the terror it caused me as a child.

The vlux were created by an evil wizard long ago before the kingdoms were even founded. The idea behind them was to be his loyal army of attack dogs, but when they turned on him instead his plans never took. The vlux hunt in large packs, normally hundreds to a pack, and are violent carnivorous beast. Any who have seen a vlux in the wild and lived to tell about it are normally scared for life. Vlux also have a very thick layer of armor that is naturally designed to help them swim through sand as efficient as a fish in water.

Fox Ulton stops a large number of the vlux in book one, but these creatures can be found all over Compass now although they prefer sandy dry climates. One vlux is as strong as any two men, fast as cheatas, but they do have a few weaknesses. Swimming underground so much has taken its toll on their eyes, even with the evil wizard altering their genetic make up their eyes poorly adapted to seeing above ground. The armor of the vlux limits the movement of the creature, and though they are very deadly creatures they have a hard time turning around to attack someone behind them. Lastly the violent nature of a vlux can be its own undoing as it thinks in rash, hasty, burst of thoughts instead of being calm enough to assess their situation. It is rumored that some wizards can tap into the minds of vlux and control entire packs, but normally a shredded wizard body is found some time after spotting the wizard controlling them.


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