War Moonkeep

“I am War; Master of Battle.” – War

War has never been referenced as War Moonkeep, but he is the rightful king of Castle Horus Moonkeep, and did inherit the name. War was a character made using my friend Miguel Zimmerman as the model. Miguel in real life was not one to back down from a challenge that life may throw at you, but sometimes he would leap before he looked. This got us into mischief when we were younger, but overall Miguel has been a hero in my life as a friend and brother in my times of need.

War has four massive arms and bones that pertrude from various places on his body. He is a ‘deathlocke’, a race of men that were genetically altered by magic for the purposes of destroying and conquering the world. Unfortunately for the evil wizard that tried to make this happen, his plans were foiled by several different parties that weren’t even working together. The inspiration for this race of beings was inspired by the “Death of Superman” series created by DC Comics.

War helps Fox Ulton early in the stories and is around for much of Fox’s Life. War is not the only character that was made for Miguel and the similarities are always there. Simon for example, is a dwarf character introduced after the fall of the dwarven kingdom. In future stories readers will be able to follow just how War helped end many conflicts on Compass as well as Earth.


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