Eclypse, or Tristan Moonkeep, is a character built with a friend named Chris Gilpatrick. Chris and I discussed many things about the book, and he would often give me ideas when making the first book. The story has since taken a life of its own and Chris and I dont get to see each other as often as we would like to, but that is the circumstances of life sometimes. Chris is a great person, and I tried to reflect that in the character of Eclypse. Chris is the type of person who would catch you if you were falling backwards, and not out of trust but his nature. With that in mind I tried to make Eclypse have the same persona, a person who would do the right thing just because it was the right thing to do. Chris is also responsible for the creation of other characters in book one, and I owe a lot to him for his help.

Eclypse lived much of his life as an elf, but secretly hid his true identity for many years. He knew, since the day he was born, all of the knowledge of the universe; this aquistion of knowledge came with a price, he was to be the guardian of Odra, or order. Eclypse tended to his duties as a cosmic enitity in secret, and while out helping Fox chase of the Vlux, he lost the love of his life. After that Eclypse lived the rest of his days as the cosmic entity he was, mostly alone in the dark solitude he had made for himself. It wasn’t until the nearing end of his days as Guardian of Odra did he realize the good he could of done to help, and with that he bestowed his powers upon a new guardian, Zeya, and she also took with her his revelation. I do plan to incorporate Eclypse into future storylines.


War Moonkeep

“I am War; Master of Battle.” – War

War has never been referenced as War Moonkeep, but he is the rightful king of Castle Horus Moonkeep, and did inherit the name. War was a character made using my friend Miguel Zimmerman as the model. Miguel in real life was not one to back down from a challenge that life may throw at you, but sometimes he would leap before he looked. This got us into mischief when we were younger, but overall Miguel has been a hero in my life as a friend and brother in my times of need.

War has four massive arms and bones that pertrude from various places on his body. He is a ‘deathlocke’, a race of men that were genetically altered by magic for the purposes of destroying and conquering the world. Unfortunately for the evil wizard that tried to make this happen, his plans were foiled by several different parties that weren’t even working together. The inspiration for this race of beings was inspired by the “Death of Superman” series created by DC Comics.

War helps Fox Ulton early in the stories and is around for much of Fox’s Life. War is not the only character that was made for Miguel and the similarities are always there. Simon for example, is a dwarf character introduced after the fall of the dwarven kingdom. In future stories readers will be able to follow just how War helped end many conflicts on Compass as well as Earth.

Compass Preview

This is a preview of the storyboards that I drew dedicated to the Compass projects. I am not sure if we will be using this storyboard or not, or better adapting it from the book. Some of this is spoiler, so dont focus on each frame, just sit back and enjoy the music.

Fox Ulton

“Hold on!” Fox Ulton

Fox Ulton is a character I created to partially represent me; there are many characters in the books that represent a part of me, but Fox Ulton was the first. A boy teleported from his homeworld before its’ destruction we find Fox Ulton dragging his sister behind on a make shift gurney. Fox represents the part of me that somehow survives, makes it through some really hard times, and doesn’t fear what may come. His homeworld is much like Compass, but Fox doesn’t even realize that he was a part one of the most historic cosmilogical events. The destruction of his world also meant the second age of the universe. When Fox had found Utonis alone in the desert he was totally unaware that not only was he teleported away, but he was also landed into the near future. Fox gets taught by Utonis; referencing the old man on the mountain tales as I tried to make this out as Utonis being the teacher and Fox the student. Fox Ulton is one of the most used characters in the books and goes through quite the transformation by time you get to book five, but overall represents the good in life. Fox’s first transformation is internal as he starts off a Valronian boy and ends up the Guardian of Compass itself. Katrin, originally Fox’s nemesis, is Fox’s half brother and tries to take the throne from Fox initiating Fox’s second transformation into that of Shaul Adow.

Shaul has no idea at first of who he truly is and ends up as one of Katrin’s generals in conquering the entire planet of Compass. For nearly a thousand years he did the bidding of his own nemesis until finally one day a woman claiming to be his daughter clears his head of his curse. The curse bestowed upon Fox that turned him into Shaul left him horribly scarred and thus is why no one recognized him. After becoming aware of who he actually is Fox returned to the kingdoms and tried to prove to them who he was in hopes to reunite the lands to stop Katrin. Unfortunately Fox changes again into a thrirteen foot tall man whose body is completely composed of an alien living alloy. This alloy and it’s history are reflected upon in the upcoming books so we will just let you know that the metal is one of the strongest alloy compounds known to exist in the universe. After studying two years of college astronomy… that’s a pretty rare alloy.

When his body became infused with the power of Kota, or chaotic, he appeared to look like a normal man, even his size and stature went to what would be consider as normal for a man his age. Finally he is altered again in his battles with Kalax and is rumored to be dead along side many other guardians that died to Kalax. Fox makes a very strong come back in Volume six… so I’m off to write some more so you guys can read that part for yourselves! I cannot go into much more about him because I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but if you have specific questions about Fox or any of the characters please let me know.

Again I appreciate the support of my readers and fans and would love to hear back from you. I hope to hear from you soon, and, as always, thank you for your time!


“Greed is for those who only think of this life.” – Utonis

As a child I grew up hearing the wisdom of my grandfather on the few times we did get to sit and chat. I say few because to me he wasn’t around for a part of my life, and then regretably he passed away. Utonis is a character that I wanted to represent what I saw in my grandfather for the many years we did have together. This blog is dedicated to my readers and fans as an inside scoop of my Compass Volumes. I hope you enjoy the read, and don’t hesitate to let me know what you might like to see in the volumes to come.